What we need to do during a cash in transit armed robbery

Everyday, we are exposed to many dangers of life that we need to know how to protect ourselves from certain incidents. Crimes come in many shapes but its effect to the victims cannot be painted with words that they cannot fully express what they really feel about the life threatening experience if they were able to make it alive.

One of the most common threats with businesses are being held up for a cash in transit armed robbery. This is a unique case because this is no normal case of robbery as the criminals use weapons to threaten the men protecting the cash and other valuables.

Most cases, because the guards are willing to protect the cash inside the armored truck, the incident becomes very violent up to the point of risking their own lives. Yet, with many security companies, they have trained and properly informed their personnel about what to do during the incident. To successfully prevent or save themselves from armed robbery, all they need is a little bit of common sense.

By following basic rules of common sense, security personnel would be able to reduce their risk of being victimized by crimes and protect their lives. Let us look into some precautionary measures that they need to keep in mind and practice everyday.

Protect Yourselves While Traveling

One of the important things to remember when transporting cash is to know the best time when the road would be the safest. Yet, even if we know the safest time, criminals always strike when we least expect it. Let us make the best out of our situation by avoiding driving on roads where there are not enough lights and there are no drivers passing through.

Security companies should make sure the the time of travel is not always not night time to avoid being in a held up situation. It is best to always have a back up plan in case anything went wrong. It is good that you have proper procedures on how to handle armed robbery along the way like being in groups. Robbers would love to attack the vehicle when a personnel are left alone by himself.

Avoid Suspicious Strangers

It has been a common situation that drivers were always being victims of hitchhikers who have bad motives. So, when we are a driver, it is important to remember that we do not need to stop when we see someone needing help along the road.

If we want to help, we have to call emergency numbers for them to respond in the emergency. Shortcuts are always a bad idea because robbers like to lure in areas like deserted places and held up people there. When parking, always be conscious of your environment.

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What You should not Do

When being robbed, never become the hero and sacrifice your life. Always think about that the valuables have been insured so it is important to focus on the situation and how you and your companions can get out alive.

Armed robbery can happen to anyone even with a security personnel. It is important that we learn about what to do ahead of the situation.